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Workout stack complete as Advanced Molecular Lab’s unveil PostWorkout

Workout stack complete as Advanced Molecular Lab's unveil PostWorkout

To work in sync or neatly stack with in-house pre-workouts, brands sometimes also have a post-workout they promote just as much. For Muscle Pharm’s Assault there is Re-Con, Jim Stoppani with Pre and Post Jym, and for a long time Muscletech pushed the combination of Nitro-Tech and the creatine formula Cell-Tech. Now joining that list of brands covering both ends of a workout is Advanced Molecular Labs, or more commonly known as AML. At the moment the brand have a total of three supplements available, their two original fat burners Thermo Heat and Thermo Heat Nighttime, and the pre-workout simply titled PreWorkout. Completing the circle for PreWorkout, much like Nighttime did for the regular Thermo Heat, AML have confirmed the coming of PostWorkout. While unfortunately we don’t have a facts panel to go with today’s unveiling of the product, the brand’s lengthy description does point at a handful of features. As vague as AML’s words are, PostWorkout does hint at containing leucine, betaine, potassium citrate, creatine monohydrate and HMB. It won’t be until the supplement arrives that we’ll be able to confirm whether or not all of those ingredients are in there, and more if that’s the case. But until then, AML fans will have to hang tight although can look forward to completing their workout stack very soon.