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Betaine and Himalayan pink salt round out BPI’s Best Creatine

Betaine and Himalayan pink salt round out BPI's Best Creatine

An update has come in on BPI’s Best Creaitne, the brand’s third Best titled supplement following on from Best BCAA and Best Protein. Previously we were able to confirm all six of the product’s creatine forms with monohydrate, Magna Power, AKG, anhydrous, phosphate and pH buffered Creatine Alkaline. Based on BPI packing so much into the complex creatine formula we definitely weren’t expecting anything else to be in there. Much to our surprise there is in fact two more important ingredients in the mix, both transparently dosed. Joining the six different creatines which have been all put in Best Creatine’s one and only 4g blend, is 500mg of betaine anhydrous (TMG) and to further optimize creatine uptake 50mg of Himalayan pink salt. Moving on to BPI’s menu, so far three flavors can be confirmed with two commonly seen tastes blue raz and fruit punch, and a very unique third fans will recognize from 1 M.R Vortex with snow cone. While we don’t have any idea on Best Creatine’s launch or price just yet. Those who pick up the supplement when it does arrive won’t be needing a second for almost two months, as each 300g tub does squeeze in a total of 50 servings.

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