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Crystal-X weighing in with 3g more per serving compared to Cobra’s original the Curse

Crystal-X weighing in with 3g more per serving compared to Cobra's original the Curse

While it may not be our favorite pre-workout, or even one of our highest rated supplements. Cobra Lab’s the Curse is a well known product around the world, with availability in a lot of different countries. The pre-workout has been in the game for quite some time, however after getting a few more details on the brand’s previously titled Project X, we have been wondering about its future. Recently Cobra unveiled Crystal-X, the official name of the once capsule teased Project X. Along with the name came confirmation of the supplement’s category, the competitive world of pre-workouts. The big questions now of course are will Crystal-X be replacing the Curse, and what’s going to be in the product? Based on its category alone, it would be strange to see two similar sized pre-workouts from the same brand, who has just one other supplement. As for Crystal-X’s contents, we are still in the dark on that one. That being said we do now have close up images of the product confirming 30 servings, 20 less than the Curse, with each one weighing in at 8g, 3g more than the Curse’s serving. A lot of things could be to blame for the weight change as the Curse does have a three scoop maximum, and Crystal-X obviously being unknown. We are hoping for a lot more information soon, especially since Cobra’s years supply giveaway has now been running for well over a month, not to mention Project X going back years.

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