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Help green light unreleased bags through Fitmark’s Playing Field and save 50%

Help green light unreleased bags through Fitmark's Playing Field and save 50%

Last week Fitmark unveiled their parent inspired Mason’s Bag, combining the need of a baby bag with the convenience of the brand’s two meal Box SM. The product was put up for pre-order at half its regular retail price, however there was one catch. Fitmark had set a goal amount of bags they needed to sell before the Mason’s Bag went into production. The same idea has been applied to another new design from the innovative brand with the Diamond Ski Pack. Fitmark’s latest has been put together around its title, featuring straps on the front to clip in your skis or snowboard, as well as extra creative compartments and a unique finish making the Diamond Pack all the more attractive. The price on the piece is $49.99, although as mentioned it does need to hit its target before heading into production. If you’re wondering why all of a sudden Fitmark are releasing these possible products, it’s actually a part of their new Playing Field program. Basically the brand will be coming up with some unique designs that don’t or won’t get the green light right away, which then get added to the Playing Field for pre-order at 50% off their usual price. You can find the full list of four on Fitmark’s website, where you will see the Mason’s Bag, today’s Diamond Ski Pack, the extremely unique Max Rep Transition Pack, and the only one of the four that’s reach its goal the Transporter Tote.

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