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Mason’s Bag showing off Fitmark’s ability to combine form, function and individuality

Mason's Bag showing off Fitmark's ability to combine form, function and individuality

Fitmark were already known for putting together unique stylish bags that both work in with your lifestyle and look good no matter where you go. When the brand introduced meal management innovation this was something they had no trouble maintaining, and really perfected with the big 2014 release the Shield. Here in the new year it looks like Fitmark are going to be keeping up their strong level of creativity with the fresh new product the Mason’s Bag. Designed to reach out to a very specific audience, the Mason’s Bag combines the idea of a baby bag with the smaller version of the brand’s meal system the Box SM. As well as having enough room to fit in two meals, the Mason’s Bag also features side pockets for shakers and bottles, and a main compartment for everything else including Fitmark’s added “removable folding mat, lined with anti-microbial protection”. Despite having more function than most just by going off the description, as you can see the Mason’s Bag does not lack in the looks department. Its form is equal to that of its function, with neither being a disappointment. The latest from Fitmark is now up for pre-order for $59.99, although the brand do have a goal they want to hit before the Mason’s Bag goes into production, which you can see being measured on the Fitmark’s website.

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