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Killa Cola confirmed for Grenade’s local .50 Calibre menu

Killa Cola confirmed for Grenade's local .50 Calibre menu

It was only just yesterday that news came in from Grenade that they had a new flavor coming to one of their pre-workouts, the UK .50 Calibre, the US .50 Calibre, or possibly even both. Regardless of which version’s menu the taste ended up on, one or both of the supplement’s would be taken to a total of three flavors. For the UK at the moment it is berry blast and lemon raid, and for the US orange onslaught and KO punch. Today Grenade have confirmed that it is their local .50 Calibre that’s due to get the new taste, with a recipe that’s not actually fruit inspired. Set to join the supplement’s original berry blast and second addition lemon raid is a flavor we’ve seen a lot of in Australia, killa cola. The question now is what sizes will the variant be coming in as unlike the US, Grenade’s home crowd pre-workout comes in a total of three different sizes. Fans have the regular 50 serving, which is the beautifully put together box, then the 20 serving pouch and the 25 stick pack box. As you can see in the picture above it is just the original 50 that’s got the killa cola label, although we really can’t see them leaving it off the other menus. Whatever the options end up being, Grenade have said their latest effort is in their warehouse now, so should be hitting stores soon.

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