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5 flavors each for iSatori’s upcoming supplements Pre-Gro and Hyper-Gro

5 flavors each for iSatori's upcoming supplements Pre-Gro and Hyper-Gro

After two days of major announcements regarding iSatori’s two previously undetailed supplements, the pre-workout Pre-Gro and the post-workout Hyper-Gro. Today we have just a few more pieces of information for you, covering the area of flavors and sizes. Starting with the pre-workout Pre-Gro, for now we only know of one size and five flavors. The 30 servings options expected to eventually be available are arctic blue razz, delicious fruit punch, cherry limeade rush, watermelon and lemon drop supreme. As for the lean mass gainer Hyper-Gro, like Pre iSatori appear to also have a five flavor menu planned with just the one size. The 16 two scoop serving options are all classic recipes with rich chocolate, smooth vanilla, strawberry swirl, chocolate peanut butter and cookies n’ cream. The big question remaining is of course, will the brand be releasing each and every one of the variants straightaway? Some of Pre and Hyper-Gro’s options may very well end up being exclusives, which could see them not listed on iSatori’s upcoming launch day. Regardless of whether or not all of the product’s tastes arrive at the same time, it looks like we’ll eventually be seeing five for each and at most five on launch.

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