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Pre-Gro and Hyper-Gro confirmed as iSatori’s two mystery supplements

Pre-Gro and Hyper-Gro confirmed as iSatori's two mystery supplements

As iSatori begin to countdown to January 5th for the launch of their upcoming supplements, today we’ve actually got an image of the two previously unknown products. The official titles of the formulas are Pre-Gro and Hyper-Gro, the latter being the post-workout supplement we were expecting and Pre-Gro the pump infused pre-workout. Looking at the front of the bottles before we go into each one’s various ingredients, we can see that iSatori’s popular Bio-Gro is a part of both products. Next to the Bio-Gro mention on Pre-Gro’s bottle we do get a bit more information seeing 3g each of Bio-Gro and HydroMax listed, as well as 2g each of citrulline and what looks like CarnoSyn, and 750mg of Nitrosigine inositol arginine silicate. As for Hyper-Gro’s highlights they clearly confirm the supplement as a mass gainer featuring 50g of protein, 48g of carbohydrates, 2.5g of betaine, and a couple other numbers we can’t quite make out. By the looks of things iSatori are still on for the release of Pre-Gro and Hyper-Gro this coming Monday, which as promised by the brand’s CEO Steven Adele will be a launch “you really don’t want to miss”.

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