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True time release Myokem BCAA delivering ActiveTR leucine across 8 hours

True time release Myokem BCAA delivering ActiveSR leucine across 8 hours

If you tuned into our Stack3d R4w podcast on Monday you might have known this was coming, as well as if you received our weekly newsletter you may also have known more details were on the way. The above image is the latest piece of information on Myokem’s upcoming amino supplement, that may not look like much without a bit of a description. What you’re actually looking at is a graph of amount released versus time over an eight hour period for leucine. The green line represents regular leucine, which will no doubt leave you wondering what the black line is about. As you can see in the graph where the green line almost hits its lowest point, the black rises up then finishes strong consistently delivering a high amount of leucine across the whole eight hours. It is ActiveTR that’s responsible for the delayed and extremely extended release of leucine, 3g to be exact that according to the numbers really only starts taking effect two hours after drinking it. Myokem’s fifth product is the one due to debut ActiveTR and the one with exclusivity on the ingredient. We did mention on Monday that 8g of the supplement is dedicated to BCAAs, so you can probably figure out from the 3g of ActiveTR leucine that you’re in for 5g of regular BCAAs. For now that is all we have on the product, with as promised more information coming later this week and next, leading up to the formula’s launch.

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