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Havana Sunrise Myokem’s one and only flavor for mTOR Pro

Havana Sunrise Myokem's one and only flavor for mTOR Pro

As expected the details on Myokem’s upcoming supplement the extended release BCAA mTOR Pro, continue to trickle on in. Last week we got the product’s total amount of aminos, information about its 3g extended release dose of leucine, and of course the supplement’s title. Today we’ve got one of the few missing pieces of the puzzle, with confirmation of mTOR Pro’s one and only flavor. The title of the recipe Myokem have put together is Havana Sunrise, a flavor we’re assuming is the brand’s take on the widely made cocktail. While we couldn’t actually find an official description of the traditional Havana Sunrise, the common mix is grenadine, a bit of orange or strawberry, and coconut rum (or rum). Looking at Myokem’s representation of the mTOR Pro flavor, you can see a stylized picture of orange slices covering the area of fruit. You can count on the brand including a few other things in there to spice it up, but based on what we have and the name of the taste, all we know is that it’s going to be quite different. If you caught the Myokem news from over the weekend as well, you’ll know Havana Sunrise isn’t the only recipe the brand have been working on. We also know a dragonfruit follow up for Nitramine is on the way, which is no doubt worth watching out for as Myokem currently sit with 100% of their flavors being rare, if not one of a kind for Havana Sunrise.

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