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It may be basic but ALCAR finally takes Recon’s range to a total of 3

It may be basic but ALCAR finally takes Recon's range to a total of 3

Recon Nutrition one of our Tuesday giveaway brands, has been a two supplement brand for quite some time now. When we first introduced them more than half a year ago it was just the two, the weight loss solution Thermonuke and the pre-workout Ambush, as well as up until today it was just the two. Recon have now unveiled what will be their first new product since we met them, adding a basic formula to their previously only complex line. The name of the supplement is ALCAR, giving away everything it is in its title with just the one ingredient acetyl l-carnitine. ALCAR is actually an individual formula a lot of brands have been putting together lately, including Recon’s own sister company Hybrid who only just dropped their white label ALCAR early last month. Being a relatively new brand, as you’d expect Recon are going to have this one on shelves very quickly, promising direct availability sometime next week then stores soon after.

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