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Best Creatine set to join BPI’s Best BCAA on Monday at

Best Creatine set to join BPI's Best BCAA on Monday at

BPI fans looking forward to their next taste of their favorite brand’s Best line of supplements, can start getting a little more excited. Despite Best Protein being previewed long before Best Creatine, it turns out the latter has been given a launch date with the protein powder still listed as coming soon. The complex creatine concoction was only just confirmed to be packing more than its highlighted six forms of creatine, also featuring betaine and Himalayan pink salt, less than two weeks ago. BPI have now announced that in less than a week, five days to be exact, Best Creatine is going to join Best BCAA and go on sale. Unlike most releases the brand aren’t going to be doing this one themselves pointing fans in the direction of As mentioned in our previous post price is going to be an important factor, which will of course be revealed on Monday. Fortunately being a complex formula Best Creatine won’t need to be as low as other, more basic creatines to compete, especially with its 50 serving tub size.

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