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PROmore Controlled Lab’s PROnom replacement or gourmet alternative?

PROmore Controlled Lab's PROnom replacement or gourmet alternative?

While we don’t quite know what’s going on with Controlled Lab’s current protein powder PROnom 23, the brand have dropped news of another protein on the way. PROmore has been unveiled today, a supplement promoting a 23g mixture of proteins, being produced under the same banner as Controlled’s PROnom 23, the bright white Essential Series. The product is said to be clump free, however its other promise of being delicious is the highlight we are more interested in. For now we’re not too sure on how many flavors PROmore will eventually have, but we do know of three which is already one more than what PROnom launched with. Instead of the common options Controlled’s last protein had available, the brand have gone with significantly more unique tastes in frosted cinnamon bun, orange cream pop and snickerdoodle cookie. As mentioned at the start we’re not too sure on the future of PROnom 23, and how PROmore is going to effect it. While we would usually jump in and say the new supplement is going to replace the old, Controlled’s flavors, 23g of protein and one and only three serving tub size, also suggest PROmore could be a gourmet spin off. When the product arrives we will have a lot more of an idea, although unfortunately at this point in time we’re not too sure on how long that wait is going be.

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