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Transition Pack and Mason’s Bag get the green light in Fitmark’s Playing Field

Transition Pack and Mason's Bag get the green light in Fitmark's Playing Field

As Fitmark slowly promoted a handful of new bags with pre-order offers a few weeks ago, we discovered their new Playing Field program which was to blame for the 50% off products. For those that missed the post on the whole thing, basically the Playing Field is a place on the brand’s website where they upload items that for whatever reason didn’t go into production. Each product is allocated a goal amount to be sold at the heavily discounted half price deal, then when it hits that amount Fitmark get the wheels in motion to have it shipped out to those who pre-ordered. Initially there were four bags uploaded, the meal infused Transporter Tote, Diamond Ski Pack, parent inspired Mason’s Bag and the transforming Max Rep Transition Pack. The last we saw it was just the Transporter Tote that had earned the green light, now however the numbers have been switched the other way. Instead of only the one hitting its mark and three coming up short, Fitmark have three at the green light stage and just the one left behind. Joining the Transporter Tote is the Mason’s Bag and Transition Pack, with the unique Diamond Ski still yet to hit half way. With the Playing Field proving quite successful we imagine Fitmark will be putting more into the area soon, although can’t imagine what other creative designs they’re likely to line up.

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