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iSatori’s upcoming CLA more than just its title ingredient

iSatori's upcoming CLA more than just its title ingredient

Like a lot of big name brands, following the launch of their two hyped Bio-Gro infused supplements iSatori have turned their attention to the simple side of things. A new product of their’s has been unveiled going by the self explanatory name CLA. While you may be thinking you could guess the contents of the formula, chances are you’are only going to be half right. Along with the usual 1g dose of conjugated linoleic acid, iSatori’s CLA also features a 381mg metabolism blend. Making up the proprietary are a total of three ingredients, guarana, yerba mate and damiana (4:1 concentrate). The interesting combination of contents sees iSatori promise a total of three effects including energy, boosted metabolism and appetite suppression. To help make the supplement as convenient as possible, all of the above ingredients have been squeezed into a softgel capsule serving, which the brand direct users to take as you would most CLAs, st one to two three times a day. Unfortunately compared to your usual CLA product iSatori’s packs a total of 40 softgels, supplying you for less than two weeks or just shy of one week on the recommended six softgels a day. We’re not too sure on when this one’s going to land, but do hope when it does we get a bigger size or at least a reasonable price tag.

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