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Save a dollar on iSatori’s Gro Stack at Tiger Fitness and get a free tub of Bio-Gro

Save a dollar on iSatori's Gro Stack at Tiger Fitness and get a free tub of Bio-Gro

If you’re like us you’ve probably been waiting for a great deal on iSatori’s two Bio-Gro infused supplements, the pre-workout Pre-Gro and post-workout Hyper-Gro. The prices the duo launched with direct from the brand weren’t exactly the crazy offers we were hoping for, which left us waiting for availability at a retailer. A few weeks after iSatori’s online release both Pre-Gro and Hyper-Gro showed up at Tiger Fitness of all places with prices that were more than enough to earn out interest. Unfortunately despite being listed with flavors, each product’s size and costs, the store had yet to actually add stock of the supplements. Earlier this week the product’s statuses changed, although something else was added that caught our attention a little more. If you head on over to Tiger Fitness today you’ll find the stack we just invested in getting you both Pre-Gro and Hyper-Gro for $63.98, a dollar cheaper than the total you’d pay for the pair separately. What makes the deal even better is that you will also get an unflavored 90 serving tub of iSatori’s original Bio-Gro absolutely free. The store’s prices were already confirmed as pretty good, with the Gro Stack making them even better and giving you the chance to pick up two of the year’s biggest supplements so far.

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