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Spectra and HydroMax two features in Kris Gethin’s upcoming Hydra-Charge

Spectra and HydroMax two features in Kris Gethin's upcoming Hydra-Charge

Our first look at Kris Gethin’s yet to be released sixth supplement or eighth if you count the different versions of Glutamine and BCAA, came by way of a family photograph. Hydra-Charge, the product discretely described by its subtitle “hydrate & defend”, originally had next to no information available with just its titles being all we could confirm. We’ve now got an entire description of the supplement giving us a breakdown of what the upcoming Kaged Muscle formula may look like. Once you get past all the highlights listed for Hydra-Charge with the likes of clinically researched free radical targeting, gluten free and non-GMO. You get to a few short sentences that confirm what could be the product’s complete list of contents. Firstly the supplement is said to have “five essential hydration ingredients from tender coconut water”, the trademarked HydroMax glycerol monostearate, and Spectra “scientifically balanced to support antioxidant potential”. Outside of that description with what sounds like a total of seven features, the only other details we know are that Hydra-Charge will come in a 180g tub with two flavors to choose from fruit punch and watermelon. Like the rest of Kris Gethin’s range the somewhat complex product is expected to be launched exclusively through, with unfortunately no word at the moment on when that is set to happen.

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