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Apple mango spices up Lobliner’s MTS Nutrition Clash menu

Apple mango spices up Lobliner's MTS Nutrition Clash menu

To go with Marc Lobliner’s massive new content section and forums on Tiger Fitness, the online icon has also introduced a new flavor for one of his many MTS Nutrition supplements. While it is usually the people’s protein powder Machine Whey that gets all the attention with almost ten tastes to its name. This time around Lobliner has added to his pre-workout formula Clash. Previously the Machine’s energizing product was only available in a total of two flavors, both slightly more traditional options in orange and pink lemonade. Today without any sneak preview or teasing, taking MTS Clash’s menu up one more taste to three is apple mango. As you’d expect the brand are promoting the supplement’s new flavor as an amazing addition, and do already have it in stock and on sale. Apple mango Clash can be found at the home of MTS Nutrition on Tiger Fitness, where you can pick it up for the usual price of $35.99 as well as in one of the store’s many discounted stacks combining Clash.

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