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Machine Motion the first of maybe many supplements in Lobliner’s Dr. Stu Series

Machine Motion the first of maybe many supplements in Lobliner's Dr. Stu Series

Machine Motion is the next supplement lined up for Marc Lobliner’s MTS Nutrition, a product that will see the brand do more than just jump into a new category. The supplement which if you couldn’t figure it out from its name, is an “advanced joint health formula”, is going to be Lobliner’s first product in the MTS Dr. Stu Series. For those that follow the face of Tiger Fitness and MTS Nutrition, you will have heard Lobliner talk about Dr. Stu on a number of occasions about his expertise in the area of rehab as well as prehab. Machine Motion is a result of both Dr. Stu and Marc Lobliner putting their heads together to come up with the best they could for the joint category, however it does leave us a little curious. While the formula behind the supplement has yet to be revealed and will no doubt be worth a look, we are left wondering what else the two could have coming. We can’t imagine Lobliner allowing for an entirely separate series, with a slightly different color theme, if he had just the one product in mind. Regardless of whether or not anything else is coming down the pipeline soon or planned for the Dr. Stu Series in the near future. Machine Motion is due to arrive in roughly four weeks time and expected to launch at the home of MTS Nutrition, Tiger Fitness

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