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Intra BCAA+ unveiled as PhD’s latest featuring BCAAs, glutamine and hydrolyzed isolate

Intra BCAA+ unveiled as PhD's latest with BCAAs, glutamine and hydrolyzed isolate

As suspicious as PhD Nutrition’s disappearance of Amino Drive was, it turns out a 2.0 variant is not what the brand have unveiled today. The name of the latest from the UK company is Intra BCAA+, a dedicated intra-workout formula. The product basic lists all its highlights on the front of its bottle confirming BCAAs, glutamine, coconut water and hydrolyzed whey isolate. Of the group there are only two ingredients in the mix we know the doses of with the 4:1:1 BCAAs at 7.62g or 7g according to promotional material, and the glutamine at 2.68g or 2.4g. The advertised numbers leave us thinking that is how much free form aminos have been added, the rest likely coming from the protein. While we don’t quite know the exact numbers for the other two highlights, coconut water and hydrolyzed isolate, based on their listing in Intra BCAA’s other ingredients section we can get an idea. The protein is listed lower than the BCAAs so while the supplement’s label does say 10g, less than 7g of that is protein. As for the coconut water it is one down from the glutamine so we can only assume it is lower than 2.4g. Like all of PhD’s new releases, their latest has immediately gone on sale direct. The price the brand have put on Intra BCAA+ is £39.99 which can be discounted if you purchase two or three tubs, with two not so common flavors to choose from coconut & lime and coconut & mango.

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