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More information on PhD Nutrition’s INTRAresting formula coming this week

More information on PhD Nutrition's INTRAresting formula coming this week

PhD Nutrition don’t put together new supplements quite as frequently as others, but do more than grab their fans attention every few months or so. The UK based brand are also no strangers to teasing upcoming releases, which is what they have done today for their next new product. PhD have unveiled an image of an unnamed supplement, confirming the first detail of the formula that it comes in powder form. The second and only other clue PhD have dropped comes in their description where they say “we have some very INTRAresting news coming up”. Longtime fans of the industry will pick up pretty quickly, just as we did, that the letters in capitals can’t be that way by accident. The clue that is a little more like an actual fact suggests that PhD are looking at hitting the intra-workout category next. Whether that means the brand have put together an amino cocktail or a little something different, we aren’t going to be left in the dark for too much longer. In combination with their two pieces of information PhD have said they’ll have an update this coming week, leaving a maximum wait of seven days or minimum of anything less until we get a closer look.

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