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Xtend shows up with Scivation’s Xtend Go and RTD like branding

Xtend shows up with Scivation's Xtend Go and RTD like branding

One of the more interesting questions we had when Scivation first unveiled their premixed Xtend, the third variant in the Xtend family, was about its branding. Fans of Scivation would have noticed right away that it wasn’t dressed in the brand’s usual red and gray, but an entirely different theme featuring a whole new layout and a much brighter color palette. As for our big question it was whether or not the updated design was something Scivation had just put together for their RTD, or was it eventually going to be used on the rest of their supplements. While the answer to that has yet to be confirmed, after seeing the face of Xtend Go on Friday we are starting to think Scivation are lining up a rebranding. To help further that idea, an image of the regular Xtend has now shown up featuring a look identical to that of the caffeinated Xtend and consistent with the RTD. The argument could be made that the new design is just for the Xtend family since it has only been seen on the Xtend RTD, Xtend Go and now Xtend. However based on the age of Scivation’s red and gray, we are left thinking a full rebrand is very likely and overdue.

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