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Advanced Mass Flapjack tries to live up to the PhD gainer name

PhD Advanced Mass Flapjack

It wasn’t too long ago that PhD Nutrition teased and released their 1140 calorie mass monster Advanced Mass, which is now available in most places with two sizes to choose from a 2.7kg 9 serving and a 5.4kg 18 serving. While the brand have since dropped one other Advanced Mass alternative with their four flavor sample pack, it doesn’t quite measure up to PhD’s next Advanced Mass spin-off. To help give fans the chance to consume as many calories as they can on the go the brand have put together the Advanced Mass Flapjack, somewhat of a mass gaining bar. Strangely enough we don’t have a description to go with the upcoming PhD supplement, we do however have its facts panel going over the 120g product’s macros. Squeezed into each Advanced Mass Flapjack you get 28g of protein, 59.7g of carbohydrates (10.2g sugar, 5.2g fiber) and 14.1g of fat (6.26g saturated), all coming to a suitably massive total of 460 calories. Compared to the brand’s regular Protein Flapjack fans are basically in for a lot more of everything with about 45% more protein, around 70% more carbs, and just short of twice as much fat. When the Advanced Mass Flapjack does eventually arrive, PhD will have two flavors to choose from chocolate peanut and double chocolate, leaving the presumably above average price as the only detail left to come.

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