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Second HP Series supplement BCAA-6K better value than AST’s current BCAA

Second HP Series supplement BCAA-6K better value than AST's current BCAA

Back in December AST revealed that their beef protein powder Raptor-HP was in fact a part of a new supplement series. The HP in the product’s title actually stands for High Performance, a direct relation to the High Performance Series the brand have apparently put together. While it has been almost a quarter of a year since we discovered AST’s intentions to expand on what Raptor started, a second HP supplement has now shown up. The name of the latest from the brand is BCAA-6K, a product that immediately gives its only ingredient and dose away in its title. As you probably guessed per serving the formula features 6,000mg of BCAAs, although instead of the brand’s usual 2:1:1 ratio as seen in BCAA 4500, they’ve gone with the slightly less common 4:1:1. Despite BCAA-6K’s ratio being different to 4500’s, and the supplement packing 180 tablets compared to 462 capsules. AST have squeezed in almost the same amount of BCAAs as their current product, providing a total of 270g per bottle to BCAA 4500’s 300g. To make up for that difference, based on both formula’s direct values it appears AST’s new BCAA has been introduced at a much lower price, resulting in BCAA-6K giving you a fraction more for your money even with its higher dose of leucine. For a full description of the second High Performance Series supplement visit the brand’s website, and to purchase look out for BCAA-6K in stores over the next few weeks.

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