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Formula the only thing the same in Betancourt’s rebranded and renamed B-NOX

Betancourt Nutrition B-NOX

Betancourt Nutrition’s pre-workout Bullnox Androrush, one of the first few supplements to combine both energy and testosterone, is getting a makeover. The brand have unveiled a freshly packaged version of the product, dropping the current Betancourt layout of information and theme, but keeping the brand’s signature black and red. As you can see above while Bullnox has held on to its colors, the updated design makes it look like an entirely new supplement. The label is now mostly dominated by black, featuring a touch of red with a lot less white. Betancourt fans may also notice that the name of the pre-workout has changed going from Bullnox to the much simpler title B-NOX, still holding on to the word Androrush at the end. Despite all the updates to the product and what Betancourt’s competitors are doing, the Bullnox formula has been kept over for B-NOX, meaning it is the same supplement fans have come to enjoy.

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