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Detailed look at Creatine Plus, Betancourt’s third Plus formula

Betancourt Creatine Plus

Earlier in the week we got confirmation of Betancourt Nutrition turning their once solo supplement Glutamine Plus into a series of complex basic formulas with Carnitine Plus. In the announcement the brand also passed on word of a third product being a part of the Plus line based around an ingredient you probably actually see a lot more than glutamine or carnitine with Creatine Plus. Unlike Carnitine we don’t have the facts panel of what will be Betancourt’s third supplement for the series, although we do know of what could be all four of its features. As you’d expect Creatine Plus does pack different forms of creatine, two from what we can see, Creapure creatine monohydrate and creatine anhydrous. As well as the patented CinSulin cinnamon and something we’ve seen a lot of others use in creatines lately, betaine anhydrous. Without the facts panel we don’t know the exact doses of any of the ingredients, however looking at Creatine Plus’ front we can get at least one number with the creatine blend’s total coming to 4g. More information on Betancourt’s third Plus product is definitely expected between now and its launch. Which for those that missed the news on Wednesday, Creatine Plus is going to be released a month after Carnitine Plus arrives putting it somewhere in June.

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