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Craze V2 looking likely as Driven Sport’s next new supplement

Driven Sports Craze V2

After a lot of teasers, hints and other supplements that we thought were going to be the Craze V2 we’ve been waiting for. Driven Sports have once again started building up towards the release of another product, although this time around they aren’t being as vague. On the last couple of occasions the brand said something was coming, they got everyone excited thinking that a follow up to the controversial and now almost iconic supplement Craze, was on its way. The closest die hard fans got was the pre-workout Frenzy, which as most will know never found its way into the US market place. The wait now appears to be over or at least the wait for a Craze sequel, as Driven Sports have dropped an image promoting a supplement with V2 being a significant factor. The brand could very well be pulling everyone’s leg and they’re actually doing another version of Lean Xtreme or even Frenzy, we don’t know however feel that is unlikely. There is no day, week or month set for when Driven Sports are finally going to be dropping Craze V2, although after what has almost been two years since the original was discontinued, a few more weeks or months won’t hurt.

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