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Mobilized line spreading Cytosport’s Monster Series out into 11 different categories

Mobilized line spreading Cytosport's Monster Series out into 11 different categories

Cytosport have been teasing their next major move for the Monster Series over the past few days, leading up to their unveiling at tomorrow’s Arnold Classic Expo. The last we heard was that the brand had put together a little more than just an updated logo, confirming the coming of a rebranding and some new supplements. A day out from the big event we have some information that may or may not be furthered detailed at the Arnold, but extremely important for Cytosport’s Monster Series. The upcoming phase for the brand’s spin off line is actually due to introduce the Mobilized collection of products, which will see Monster spread out into 11 different categories. At the moment the series is only in five, or six if you count mass protein different to regular protein, leaving five or six categories untouched and that’s if Cytosport stay with the areas they’re already invested in. Whether or not the current Monster supplements all remain, the products carried over for the Mobilized movement are being described as “refreshed”, a hint at minor or major reformulations. To prepare for the arrival of the revamped Monster Series, Cytosport have updated the line’s dedicated website where they’re now also teasing the coming of the Mobilized collection with the new Monster logo and branding.

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