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Stack3d @ the ’15 Arnold, still no sign of GAT’s Olympia supplement Carbotein

Stack3d @ the '15 Arnold, still no sign of GAT's Olympia supplement Carbotein

As big a fans as we are of German American Technologies and their almost legendary JetFUEL name, we are somewhat disappointed to see nothing new from them here at the Arnold. While new flavors and sizes are exciting, which are the only things we’ve seen from them for quite some time, at last year’s Olympia the brand better known as GAT did tease a supplement titled Carbotein. Almost six months later we still have not seen anything more on the mystery product, even at the Arnold where we thought would be the ideal place to if not unveil, then at least further detail the supplement. Surprisingly it is only GAT’s current products that are on show and promoted, without so much as a mention or listing of Carbotein anywhere. Whether that means the formula is no longer in the pipeline or has been been pushed back we’ll have to wait and see, but for the Arnold it’s nothing new from GAT.