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Delicious Elite not replacing Giant Sport’s original Delicious Protein

Giant Sports Delicious Elite

We’ve got a bit of an update today for Giant Sport’s upcoming protein powder, Delicious Elite, that last week surfaced with a bit of a rough preview. The brand have now given us a detailed description of the supplement as there is quite a bit more to it then what we initially thought. Firstly the product is a sequel supplement, which for now is actually the only item in Giant’s Elite Series that at some point is expected to turn into a little more than just a one man line. The other important piece of information and this is something we didn’t think would be the case, is that Delicious Elite is in no way a replacement of the original Delicious Protein. Giant have confirmed that their first ever protein powder will remain on shelves alongside the Elite version, the two mostly being separated by price point. Another thing that will be different from protein to protein is range of flavors, as Delicious Elite will be coming in four, one less than the total amount available for the current Delicious. We’ve yet to get a look at the product’s formula or see it pop up in stores, but when it does we’ll make sure we get a post together going into more detail about the Delicious differences.

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