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Pre-Gro finally gets lemon drop leaving just the one to come from iSatori

iSatori Pre-Gro lemon drop supreme

Back before iSatori actually released their Bio-Gro infused supplements Pre-Gro and Hyper-Gro, news came in about both their formulas and flavors. Strangely enough come launch day a lot of options were missing, which is still the same case in a lot of places today. In total both products had five flavors previewed with the post-workout Hyper-Gro still missing one with chocolate peanut butter, and the pre-workout Pre-Gro coming up short by two with watermelon and lemon drop supreme. Now almost three months after the arrival of the iSatori supplements the brand have confirmed that lemon drop Pre-Gro has arrived leaving just watermelon to come. Unfortunately for Hyper-Gro there is no mention of its menu and whether or not peanut butter is anywhere near, seeing iSatori only drop an update for the pre-workout.

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