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Muscle Pharm go back to basics for their fifth Combat Crunch chocolate brownie

Muscle Pharm Combat Crunch chocolate brownie

Just when you thought Muscle Pharm had already announced enough with the GNC exclusive Black Series, Energy Sports and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Muscle Bar. The Athlete’s Company have in fact confirmed the coming of another new release, seeing the brand continue to grow their first real edible effort. Back when Muscle Pharm launched their protein bar Combat Crunch, we reviewed the supplement saying that it is definitely unique enough for more flavors to be successfully added to its menu. Since then the brand have added two more tastes cinnamon twist and white chocolate raspberry, and are now looking at introducing a fifth for Combat Crunch. For their latest recipe Muscle Pharm are heading back to basics with a much more traditional flavor in chocolate brownie. Unlike all the others including the product’s first two options, Combat Crunch’s fifth has already gone on sale at its exclusive retailer To celebrate the arrival of chocolate brownie the store have actually added a deal for fans looking to try the new taste, giving you 25% off a box of 12. The discounted price is just $22.40 or $1.86 a bar, not as good as the original buy one get one free offer but still enough to encourage the MP Nation to give Muscle Pharm’s latest a go.

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