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Muscle Pharm’s Hardcore Series due to go on sale Monday March 16th

Muscle Pharm's Hardcore Series due to go on sale Monday March 16th

Muscle Pharm did say their new Hardcore Series was coming sometime this month, which left us hoping it would be here in time for the Arnold. Unfortunately there was no sign of the line at the expo over the weekend, however the brand did make up for it by teasing their GNC exclusive Black Series. As exciting as that line is or exciting at least until we see the formulas behind Combat Black, Assault Black, Creatine Black, Amino 1 Black and the entirely supplement OxySport.’s Hardcore Series is coming roughly one and a half months before it, with an arrival date now set. In exactly five days time Muscle Pharm’s first line since the Arnold Schwarzenegger Series, is due to go on sale at its exclusive retailer. The Jym Stoppani like Wreckage and Gainz as well as Diesel will be hitting the store Monday March 16th, where we will finally find out how much the products are going to cost. If’s history of Muscle Pharm releases is anything to go by, we are probably going to see the Hardcore Series actually become available before then, although if there are going to be any deals Monday will be when they go live.

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