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Lobliner follows through on his promise of MTS Epic Gains launch

MTS Nutrition Epic Gains

Marc Lobliner has come through on his promise of launching his latest supplement, the mass gainer claimed to be the only formula worthy of the name, Epic Gains. The product’s release has brought two of the remaining facts to light, the MTS gainer’s calorie count and price of its one and only size and flavor. Previously we had already confirmed the important macros of the supplement with protein, carbohydrates and fat, leaving just the calorie total which we now know is 296, per serving. The last piece of information is of course cost, the deciding factor for most nutrition enthusiasts looking to get a little more in their shake. The exact price for a 5lb caramel macchiato tub of Epic Gains at the home of MTS is $54.99 working out to a bit more than $1.80 a serving, or about $4.60 a serving if you want to get the usual 50g of protein per shake. At the moment there isn’t any discount available on the latest although as most Tiger Fitness shoppers will know a sale is likely.

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