Nubreed Whiplash lined up for May, a month or so after Myoblast

Nubreed Whiplash

As big of an announcement as Nubreed Nutrition’s first ever protein powder was with the upcoming supplement Myoblast, the brand have already confirmed their follow up formula. With Myoblast set to go on sale direct from Nubreed sometime next month, somewhere in May fans are going to see another new product called Whiplash. We don’t yet know what kind of supplement Whiplash will be or even what it looks like, just its name and that it is due to be released in one and a half to two months time. The coming soon silhouette Nubreed have provided does hint at the product being some kind of protein powder or rather large formula, with things like a gainer, isolate, casein or complex carbohydrate all being possibilities. The reason we’re not jumping on any of those ideas is because the silhouette could very well be a generic coming soon placeholder, something Nubreed use for all upcoming supplements. From here the wait for Whiplash or at least more information on Whiplash is now on, with six weeks from tomorrow until the 1st of May, the earliest we could end up seeing the product.

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