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Red & white capsule teaser hints at PhD Nutrition heading into weight loss next

PhD Nutrition fat burner

PhD Nutrition have started teasing their next new supplement by dropping a bit of a hint over the weekend. The preview came by way of a capsule image showing off a Metabolic Synedrex like capsule with the hashtag #PhDTheNextLevel. As little information as the brand gave away we feel there is enough in PhD’s teaser to give a good guess at what’s coming soon. Starting with the hashtag, the brand more than suggests that the mystery formula is going to have some kind of kick, which combined with the kind of category most white and red capsules find themselves in. Fans could be looking at a new weight loss product of some kind, or even replacement reformulation. The last time we saw PhD touch the fat burning category wasn’t actually too long ago, when early last year they launched Lean Degree Maximum Strength and Stimulant Free. If in fact we are correct on guessing the category of the brand’s next supplement, then an upgrade to Maximum Strength has to be where they’re looking based on the hashtag. Knowing PhD, as spot on or way off as our guessing may be, we should find out soon enough what the new product is as the UK brand aren’t ones to drag things out.

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