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Scitec Head Crusher Series spotted in the flesh

Scitec Head Crusher

It’s certainly been a long road for Scitec Nutrition and their MMA marketed Head Crusher Series, with the line now actually more than a year old. We have still yet to see any of the supplements go on sale or at least any release information on the series, although do have a bit of an update here for you today. For those that don’t want to hear anything unless it’s that the Head Crusher line is officially on sale, you may want to change the page. As for everyone else, Scitec have recently put on display the three Head Crusher products we got a look at the start of the year, Strike Back, Testo Punch and 12 Rounds. The one missing from that group and also missing from the brand’s recent display was the pre-workout Slap, which is still a little questionable as we haven’t seen or heard anything about the first Scitec Head Crusher supplement since its sample sneak peek. The update doesn’t really confirm any important details about the products themselves, just that as you can see above they have been produced and have been on show in the flesh. It will definitely be strange if we don’t see anything soon from here, as the months will only continue to add up with the total officially hitting 12 a few days ago.

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