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Ultra Concentrated Omega-3 joins Scitec’s WOD Crusher Series

Scitec Nutrition WOD Crusher Omega-3

It has been a while since Scitec Nutrition added to their Crossfit marketed supplement line the WOD Crusher Series, with the last product introduced being the post-workout formula Balanced Recovery. In 2015 the brand are now looking to make it six supplements for their bright green series as they’ve just unveiled their follow up to Balanced Recovery with WOD Crusher’s first basic formula. The exact title of the new Scitec product is Omega-3, an individual the brand promise is a little more than your usual fish oil formula. Where the supplement sets itself apart from the many other omega-3s out there is in its ultra concentrated dose, as instead of packing the usual 1g of fish oil per softgel the European brand’s Omega-3 features 1.25g or 2.5g per two softgel serving. The product isn’t anything new but as Scitec have said it isn’t something you usually see, with the best example being Muscletech’s Platinum 4X Fish Oil and its 1.6g of fish oil per softgel. For now WOD Crusher’s Omega-3 is only being listed as available soon, with an official announcement likely to confirm its launch in the next month or two.

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