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Scitec make it two for the week with the premixed Protein Smoothie

Scitec Nutrition Protein Smoothie

This week Scitec Nutrition have gone from being relatively quiet to making some noise with now two new supplements. Two days ago the brand unveiled Protein Pancake, with today bringing another rather unusual product in Protein Smoothie. Just like Protein Pancake Scitec’s latest explains everything in its name, being a premixed high protein smoothie. Packed into each 330ml bottle of the supplement (raspberry & blueberry) you get 26g of protein all from whey concentrate, 4.3g of carbohydrates (3.6g sugar), 2.3g of fat (1.7g saturated), and a total of 142 calories. In combination with the usual macros Scitec have also squeezed real fruit juices into all of the Protein Smoothies, putting in each flavors title fruits as well as a bit of apple juice. The three concoctions fans have to choose from are the one you can see above raspberry & blueberry, the tropical recipe mango & passion fruit, and arguably the most unique option on the list pineapple & coconut. For more information on Scitec’s new Protein Smoothie the brand have already given the premixed formula its own product page, further describing the supplement and outlining each flavor’s differences.

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