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Scitec Nutrition now able to fuel your morning with Protein Pancake

Scitec Nutrition Protein Pancake

One of our favorite European companies Scitec Nutrition have put together a little something you won’t find too much in the US, especially from a major supplement brand. The bright and usually straightforward company have just dropped their latest product, which is arguably there most unique in quite some time, Protein Pancake. The supplement is exactly what it’s titled, a high protein pancake mix packed into a one kilogram tub. Other known brands that have gone as far as producing something as individual as this would be P28’s High Protein Pancake Dry Mix from last year’s Olympia, and the recently introduced and soon to be US company Myprotein. In each tub of Scitec’s latest product you’ll get 28 servings, presumably each serving making one pancake, with per serving 11g of protein, 16g of carbohydrates (4.1g sugar), 5.4g fat (2.3g saturated) and a total of 157 calories. Like P28’s High Protein Pancake Mix, Scitec’s Protein Pancake is flavored with just the one taste to choose from in white chocolate coconut. You can find more information about the supplement on the brand’s website, and expect to see it hitting stores over the next few weeks.

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