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Big J’s Intensity gets a 2nd flavor at Tiger Fitness

big js intensity

If you’re a regular shopper at Tiger Fitness you’ll notice they stock a very large range of not just supplements, but brands as well. Some of those include self-produced products from fitness celebrities including the likes of Mike Chang’s Afterburn, the Bailey’s Onward, and Frank Medrano’s two Function Supplements formulas. Another brand and product you’ll find at Tiger Fitness and not likely anywhere else is Big J’s Intensity. Big J is of course the man behind the popular YouTube Channel of the same name Big J’s Extreme Fitness. His supplement appropriately and straightforwardly titled Big J’s Intensity originally went on sale quite some time ago in just the one flavor, piƱa colada. The brand have now launched a second option for the pre-workout introducing a much more common flavor with the fruity recipe grape. To go with the announcement of the second taste for Big J’s Intensity, grape has already been uploaded by Tiger Fitness and is available for the usual price of $32.99.

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