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Controlled Labs White Rapids to replace White Flood Reborn

controlled labs white rapids

Controlled Labs fans currently enjoying their favorite brand’s pre-workout supplement White Flood Reborn, will soon have to get used to another product. Today the brand have unveiled a new pre-workout called Controlled Labs White Rapids. So far it is only the name of the supplement that has really been confirmed, although like all good previews the brand do give a bit away on the face of the bottle. In total each 50 serving tub of the White Rapids weighs in at 390g, working out to about 7.9g a serving. Compared to the brand’s current pre-workout effort White Flood Reborn that serving size is about the same only coming in around 700mg heavier. With that said Controlled Labs White Rapids could very well be more than a one scoop formula unlike its predecessor, which would mean the product has a whole lot more to it. For now we can only speculate until we see the pre-workout’s actual label, however fans will be in for at least one familiar flavor as White Rapids is coming in tropical pineapple. Our next bit of news on the supplement should be coming in one or two weeks time as Controlled Labs White Rapids is expected to drop the week of May 4th.

Update: Controlled Labs White Rapids label has been released proving we were correct about the supplement possibly packing more with a two scoop maximum. You can see the official facts panel below for the product, where the brand have gone 100% transparent listing doses for every ingredient and borrowed two of their pump pre-workout White Pump’s three features. We also now know there will be three flavors to choose from seeing tropical pineapple joined by furious fruit punch and electric lemonade.

Controlled Labs White Rapids label

controlled labs white rapids label

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