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You may not see it but ErgoGenix did makeover ErgoChain


Majority of the time brands that makeover a supplement don’t need to say too much about what they changed. Usually the updates are quite obvious whether it be a completely different color palette or major rearrangement of details. Today ErgoGenix have really pushed the boundaries in terms of relabeling, and by that we don’t mean number of modifications. In this case we’re talking about how few things have been moved around for the brand’s altered ErgoChain, as if you’re like us you may have to put the old and the new side by side to see exactly what the brand have done. Strangely enough even side by side the differences are small as the only major change appears to be an enlargement of the fruity image representing each option’s flavor or flavors. Compared to the previous label of ErgoChain where the pineapple, watermelon and peach were relatively small, ErgoGenix have now made the graphics as big as the product’s title. The supplement is exclusive to, so if you’re after the latest looking ErgoChain for whatever reason that would be the place to go, where there is actually a sale on ErgoChain right now with a two for the price of one deal.

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