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ErgoZzz making a comeback for ErgoGenix


Not too long ago now ErgoGenix had a rather small line up of supplements, one of which was called ErgoZzz. For those that remember back that far, the product was a simple combination of ZMA and melatonin. The formula wasn’t complex although for whatever reason it eventually got discontinued. It seems that as straightforward as ErgoZzz was it must have had some fans as ErgoGenix are now getting ready to bring the supplement back to life. For now the brand are only talking about its return, not saying anything in regards to the product’s contents. Usually when a supplement like ErgoZzz is brought back to life a brand will reformulate it. A great example of this would be PES who just this week resurrected their stimulant free fat burner Shift. There is of course the chance that ErgoGenix have done nothing to ErgoZzz and the product will be coming back in its original form. Regardless of what way the brand go we’re going to have to wait until ErgoGenix relaunch ErgoZzz to see its contents, with set to get exclusivity.

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