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Fitmark 2015 Collection kicked off with 2 updated classics

fitmark 2015

The brand have been talking about it for the past few months and even had some items online just listed as out of stock. The Fitmark 2015 Collection is now officially available for order, with every single product of their’s listed on their website in stock and ready to ship. Some of the new innovations from the creative company include an updated version of the Velocity Backpack, one of our personal favorites and the first Fitmark bag we purchased. As well as a very different Class Backpack and not to mention the Playing Field items, most of which are on the way although two have still yet to hit their goal including the brand’s first reservoir design, the Run About Town Backpack. There isn’t any section on Fitmark’s website where you can see all the new 2015 Collection products, they’ve just been thrown into their respective categories except of course for the Playing Field creations, which have their own dedicated page. As you may have seen over the past few months here and probably in a few Fitmark images, there are still some items that have yet to be added online such as the Performance Duffel, Athletic Tote and Sprint Pack. We can only assume they’re still on the way with the new versions of the Velocity and Class just kicking it all off for the Fitmark 2015 Collection.

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