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iSatori Pre-Gro great whether you like Bio-Gro or not

pre-gro review

If you’ve been following us on Snapchat or through our podcast, you probably would have already heard how good we think iSatori’s Pre-Gro is. Ever since we used it a few weeks back we’ve been spreading it around the group and trialing it against other supplements to make sure it’s the real deal. Now before we get into the review of Pre-Gro we will start by saying we’re not big fans of Bio-Gro. We also know that we’re not alone on that, as the feedback we’ve seen seems to be 50/50. Some say it’s amazing and the next best thing, others nothing at all. While we fell into the latter after pouring our money into two full size tubs. We can guarantee you that it doesn’t matter what your stance on Bio-Gro is, Pre-Gro is a very different animal. To further explain what makes the iSatori pre-workout so good and well worth a try, we have here today our Pre-Gro review.

When it comes to pre-workouts we tend to prefer those with a powerful balance of everything. By that we mean solid energy, not over-the-top but enough to keep you going, an unnatural pump where you know there’s more to blame than your effort. A good hit of focus to clear your head and get you further into the zone, and intensity benefits that encourage a strong tempo and force you to work harder than ever before. There is one more area which isn’t as easy to deliver on and that is performance, where you find yourself surpassing your usual bests whether it be due to a combination of effects from the supplement, or its own ability to properly fuel your body. It is usually products that bring together a perfect mix of three or four of those effects, balanced at just the right amounts, that we rank highly. iSatori’s Pre-Gro definitely falls into that category bringing together a collection of highlights that has now made the pre-workout market even more competitive.

Starting out with the energy, the area where almost every pre-workout begins. Pre-Gro isn’t exactly as calm or smooth as other formulas we have come to enjoy in the past. The supplement actually kicks in pretty hard, getting you buzzing in a smaller time frame than you’re probably used to. We don’t mean you’ll be shaking or jittery before you get to the gym, just that the energy will go from 0 to 100 in a short period of time, without much of a build up. Compared to the more comfortable types of energy out there Pre-Gro is a little bit above average, however you can easily get around its sometimes awkward energy hit by taking the product closer to your workout. If you are feeling put off by us making it sound like the supplement is going to stim you out, it’s not likely to. The main reason we’re pointing out the strength of it so much is just to highlight the fast acting ability of the energy. Once you get moving in the gym the Pre-Gro kick is anything but uncomfortable, as the minute you hit that first set you’ll find the energy that may have been a bit much 10 seconds ago quickly turns into exactly what you need.

One of the reasons you may feel the energy quite intense early on is that a touch of focus also comes in to play. The catch with this one though is that it’s not the usual calm, thought clearing effect you see most commonly. Instead Pre-Gro delivers a very Scivation Psycho like focus where it almost increases aggression, creating a drive that will see you reach for your max every set. The aggressive type focus only adds to the intensity of the already present energy, coming together and making you more eager than ever to get to the gym and just start lifting. As mentioned you can skip the energy kick’s early entry by taking it closer to your workout, with the same thing possible for the focus. There is no harm done by simply taking it later than usual, although feel free to experience Pre-Gro kicking in without being near a weight as it does have the advantage of building up your thirst to get in the gym and tackle your workout right from the word go.

While you may be thinking Pre-Gro already sounds pretty damn good with an energy that will kick in hard and stay strong throughout, and a focus that can build a drive stronger than anything else we’ve ever experienced. However there is quite a bit more to the story of the Bio-Gro pre-workout. After you’re already comfortably powering on through set after set like a man possessed, you’ll quickly notice your muscles starting to blow up. That is in fact another big part of Pre-Gro as the pump in the product is right up there with its powerful doses of energy and focus. The effect in the formula falls into the swole category, filling you up more and more as each exercise goes by. If it’s a chest day you’ll have trouble crossing your arms, leg day you actually won’t be able to straighten and flex your quad, and on arms day touching your shoulder while flexing your bicep will be much more difficult than usual. With so much going on in the supplement around the time the pump is at its best, it will come down to what kind of session you’re doing as to how present the pump is. If high rep more isolated exercises is what you’re up to than running into a painful pump will be inevitable. On more strength based days and larger muscle groups the pump won’t be as prominent, but don’t think for a second it will go unnoticed.

Lastly and believe it or not there is one more piece to Pre-Gro, there is a real combination of intensity and performance enhancement in the pre-workout. This one was hard to judge, purely because as we keep saying, there already is so much going on. Basically the energy mixes with a non-stop like energy, providing you with enough fuel to get a workout done in a substantially shorter amount of time. If you usually go for 45 to 60 minutes, don’t be surprised if Pre-Gro and its “go go go” attitude gets you through in about 30. Upon saying that you probably think that means you’re going to be exhausted, dragging yourself through your workout and lifting a lot lighter than normal. Strangely enough the supplement does in fact encourage the opposite, as despite the quicker rep tempo (depending on your workout) your required rest time is also sped up. Another thing is that your lifts will in no way be lighter. If anything the combination of enhanced energy, and aggressive focus and drive will force you to do more, and tackle previous records with a higher amount of confidence than what you’d have even if you had done the weight before.

All in all, if we couldn’t get the message across explaining each and every area of iSatori Pre-Gro, then just know the product is currently one of the best pre-workouts available. Not only does it deliver energy and focus twisted together in a way you need to experience. But it throws in a powerful pump rivaling that of dedicated pump pre-workout supplements, as well as an increase in intensity, ensuring you don’t leave the gym with anything left in the tank. If we had to compare Pre-Gro to competitors, it is right up there in line with the best, ANS Ritual, American Muscle Warpath and Dedicated’s Unstoppable. It is an all round product that truly lives up to the hype iSatori gave it late last year through until early January this year. For us it has been quite some time since we encountered a top quality pre-workout, only to have Pre-Gro walk in the door and blow every recent release out of the water. The supplement is not only a breath of fresh air compared others that we’ve been trialing lately, but it keeps us believing that there are still brands out there pushing to be better.

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