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MTS Vasky unveiled and promised to be less than $20

MTS vasky

While Marc Lobliner is still getting his first Dr. Stu Series supplement Machine Motion ready, his next release has now been unveiled. MTS Vasky is the latest from the machine, a dedicated pump pre-workout formula. Firstly we will touch on the ingredients of the product, although do know there is a bit more to MTS Vasky than its contents. In total the supplement packs four transparently dosed features listing 3g of taurine, 2g HydroMax glycerol, 1.5g Nitrosigine and 100mg of vitamin C. If you saw Core’s formula reveal from the other day, you may notice three of those four ingredients from Core Pump with HydroMax and Nitrosigine also at the same doses per serving. Keep in mind this is a pump pre-workout and similarities are extremely common, however as mentioned there is more to MTS Vasky than its contents.

Unlike every other MTS powder product this one will only be unflavored so you can easily add it to any stackable pre-workout. Now for the last almost most important detail, we have the headlining topic of price. As you can see in the title above MTS Vasky is going to launch for less than $20 a tub, with each tub packing a cost-effective total of 30 servings. While it will be interesting to see how far under $20 the supplement goes, there are very few pump pre-workouts that go under that mark as even some of the equally simple formulas are above that. Like all of Lobliner’s creations MTS Vasky will be going on sale first at the home of MTS, Tiger Fitness. As for when it will be hitting the online store, the wait is estimated to be between two to four weeks putting it out sometime next month. To help you enjoy the wait we have added MTS Vasky’s facts panel down below giving you a more official look at the product’s simple set of ingredients.

MTS Vasky facts panel

mts vasky label

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