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Myokem mTOR Pro gets competitive at Muscle & Strength

Myokem mTor Pro

Myokem’s mTOR Pro has slowly been hitting stores following its insider Lab release in late March. It was in that launch where we saw the supplement discounted down to as low as $24.99 when purchasing six or more tubs. The brand’s usual price was of course much more expensive than that at $39.99 which did leave a lot wondering, including us, how much it would cost to get Myokem mTOR Pro in stores.

The direct value of $40 suggested $35, which isn’t bad considering the product packs a lot more than your usual 30 5g servings of BCAAs. It turns out despite all the extras you get in mTOR Pro, the supplement has been priced quite competitively. Muscle & Strength are now listing the latest from Myokem for $29.99, right on target with other complex formulas in the category including the recently released ANS Amino HP. Muscle & Strength are of course also one of the first few to actually have Myokem mTOR Pro available, with both flavors now in stock dragon fruit and havana sunrise.

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