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Athletic Edge LIV joins APEs and Steel Edge in rebranding

athletic edge liv

Last time we checked in with Athletic Edge their website was still down and coming soon. Despite their lack of online activity an entirely new supplement from them had been unveiled with the nighttime all-in-one APE Dark Knight. The product took the total amount of rebranded Athletic Edge supplements spotted to three, the other two being the regular APE and the pre-workout Steel Edge. Now joining that list of products spotted, although we did already know it would be in the mix, is Athletic Edge LIV. Unfortunately much like the regular version of APE we don’t yet know if anything has been done to the supplement’s formula. You would assume something has since the rebranding is such a big move for the brand, and Athletic Edge LIV hasn’t really been changed since it arrived almost two years ago. The contents question around Athletic Edge LIV is one of many we have as we are still left wondering what other current products will be carried over to the new line, and of them which ones will be modified. At this point only time will tell as we are nearing the launch of the major Athletic Edge rebranding and are definitely looking forward to seeing what they bring to the table.

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