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B Elite Fuel Stock-Up sale saving you between 17 to 26% on select meals

b elite fuel

While we do our best to post about a company only once a day to keep things interesting, we couldn’t close out the day without mentioning’s B Elite Fuel sale. For those that don’t know about B Elite Fuel, it is the online store’s frozen meal service. Each B Elite Fuel meal has been specifically designed to give you what you need with protein as high as 42g, between 7 to 37g of carbohydrates, nothing above 450 calories, and all made up of clean whole food ingredients. The combinations of food include things like chicken breast, salmon, broccoli, asparagus and oatmeal. It is there in the combinations where the price is determined with different cost levels deciding the meals you have to choose from. As for’s B-Elite Fuel sale, they have set aside three different options, two from the Essential list and one from the Premium. The choices are tilapia, sweet potato & asparagus, tilapia & broccoli, and egg white omelette with chicken & oatmeal. Basically you can mix together any of the meals mentioned with a total of 14 and it will cost you just $82.92 or $5.92 a meal. When you compare that to the regular price for the Essentials or Premium packages you’re saving around 17 to 26%. We don’t know how long the sale is going to run for but with the title B Elite Fuel Stock-Up sale, it might be wise to stock-up as quickly as you can.

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